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Last-Minute Staging Details You Can't Forget

Posted by Sally on 5/15/18 9:50 AM

The moment before your listing is photographed, you will want to walk through the home one last time to make sure it's 100% ready. You've already had it staged, so this shouldn't take more than five minutes to run through.



- Anything that is used to clean the dishes should be hidden under the sink. That includes brushes, wash cloths, dish soap, etc. The sink should be completely empty.

- Kitchen towels should be perfectly folded if hanging on a rack. 

- Any extra clutter on the countertops should be hidden.

full_0013 (4)-1



- Put all toilet lids down.

- Determine if you want shower curtains open or closed.

- Artfully fold hanging towels in thirds.

- Hide any toiletries or products under the sink or in cabinets. 

full_0034 (3)


Living room:

- Straighten/fluff pillows.

- Refold or straighten throw blankets.

full_0020 (4)



- Make sure all the blinds are set to the correct height or opened the correct amount. Your photographer can help make those decisions with you.

full_0024 (1)



- It is recommended to turn all lights on including lamps. If you notice any ceiling fans on, make sure to switch those off too.

- Make sure all personal photos are out of sight to respect the privacy of your clients.

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