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How To Optimize Curb Appeal

Posted by Sally on 6/6/18 2:23 PM

Many house hunters will decide if they like a home or not before they even see the inside. Improving curb appeal will generate more interest, improve click-through rates, and attract more leads. Consider these six important tips to achieve that "wow factor" for your listings.

Touch up

Take care of any defects: missing shingles, chipped paint, cracked cement, dirty house numbers, etc. If a power wash to the siding doesn’t do the trick, consider applying a fresh coat of paint to the front of your housethe extra effort can go a long way! 

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Illuminating parts of a home creates a welcoming vibe at nighttime. Landscape lighting can also add interest to the property. Some landscape lighting options are accenting trees, plants, sidewalks, or the driveway.

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Warm welcome

Since the front door is the focal point of a home, polishing up and enhancing the entrance is a smart and simple way to help buyers imagine themselves walking in as if it were their own home. Consider adding any of the following: a fresh coat of paint on the door, new or polished hardware, lighting, a doormat, or planters on either side of the door.



Tidy up

The house itself is only half of the essence of good curb appeal. Having a neat and tidy lawn goes beyond a fresh mow. Assess all outdoor furniture, plants and décor and determine if it’s a messy distraction to the home. Trim hedges and remove any dead/unattractive plants.

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Vibrant colors may be eye-catching, but this personalized look can scare off potential buyers. Repainting any bold colors to neutral tones that correlate with the surrounding homes will appeal to more people.

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Refresh railings & fences

Replace or touch up any deteriorating railings and/or fences to improve curb appeal. Use colors and materials that complement the home itself to tie everything together.

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